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Eindhoven Engine News April 2022

The results of the OpenCall 2022 were recently published and we are very pleased with the outcome! We are very much looking forward to welcoming the 7 new innovation projects to Eindhoven Engine and our community and start to make impact and cross-over innovations with all 26 projects!

The e-learning course Business Model Innovation in an Exponential World is now available as a 4-day course for professionals, in the beginning of June 2022. We offer this new course in collaboration with The High Tech Institute.

In the meantime, we are preparing for the Hack2Impact Hackathon that will take place from 20 to 22 May! Building community means making connections. That is what the SmartMan project initiated in the cross-over connection with our Carbyon project: a student started his traineeship at Carbyon. Further in this newsletter we would like to introduce you new members of our community:

  • Lotte Geertsen, Project leader of the Eindhoven Engine Emergence lab

  • Mylene Frankfort, Project leader at Medicaid

Enjoy your read!

Katja Pahnke and Maarten Steinbuch


7 new innovation projects worth a total of nearly 17 million euros get underway at Eindhoven Engine

Eindhoven Engine, the innovation accelerator of the Brainport region, is launching seven new innovation projects. These projects in the fields of energy, health and smart mobility will undertake research in the coming years with a total budget of almost 17 million euros, to which Eindhoven Engine is contributing a total of over 2.4 million euros. The investment for the Eindhoven Engine OpenCall 2022 comes from the Brainport Region Deal.



Join the Hack2Impact Health@Home hackathon

On 20 May (7 PM) to 22 May 2022 (6 PM), Eindhoven Engine, Eindhoven University of Technology, MIT Hacking Medicine and Fontys are excited to invite you to join the Hack2Impact Health@Home hackathon!

Would you like to work in teams on new cool solutions for health@home related challenges provided by our challenge owners from healthcare and industry? And are you a student, technical or medical professional and you want an amazing learning and memorable experience? Then you should register for the 2022 Hack2Impact hackathon!



Business Model Innovation in an Exponential World Eindhoven Engine, a 4-day course

Does your project team want to learn how to create impactful, scalable & economically viable solutions based on the potential of exponential technologies? Trainers Walter Baets & Jaco Friedrich welcome you to their new 'Business model innovation in an exponential world' training organized by Eindhoven Engine & The High Tech Institute.

  • Training course dates: 1, 2, 7 and 8 June 2022

  • Location: live on colocation @ Eindhoven Engine



Crossover of two Eindhoven Engine projects

Meaningful crossovers can found at all levels and at the most unexpected moments. An awesome example is from the project SmartMan. One of the project’s students will carry out his graduation internship at one of our other Eindhoven Engine projects, Carbyon.



Lotte Geertsen, Project Leader Emergence Lab

The Emergence Lab philosophy is all about the wider prosperity of our Smart Society. After all, everyone should be able to be part of it! Using 'Smart Society' as an umbrella, we work on impactful themes such as

  1. Inclusiveness 

  2. Quality of Life

  3. Future of work.

These are themes that affect us all. 



Update Carbyon project

Carbyon uses TNO technology that is now being further developed, at the basis of which is a breakthrough air-permeable membrane that has been modified to absorb CO2 when air is blown through it. And they did win a 1M$ award from Xprize Milestone Award!



New project leader Medicaid project

Hi, my name is Mylene Frankfort and on April 1st I started as a project leader for the Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center (e/MTIC).

Together with the Recover@Home student team, we will work on remote healthcare solutions to enable the recovery of patients at home, focusing specifically on innovative ways to assess quality of life and patient/staff experience.



Hack2Impact Hackathon

  • Date: 20-22 May 2022
  • Location: Disruptor, TU/e Campus

Hannover Messe

  • Date: 30 May - 2 June 2022
  • Location: Hannover Messe, Germany

Business Model Innovation in an Exponential World course

  • Date: 1, 2, 7 and 8 June 2022
  • Location: Disruptor, TU/e Campus